The Wyoming Conservation Exchange (WCE) has constructed a habitat quantification tool to describe the habitat needs of the Greater sage-grouse. Tools for mule deer habitat and hydrologic services are in development for the Upper Green River Basin and will be scaled statewide in the future, as appropriate. The WCE protocols and infrastructure can also be extended to other species’ habitat and ecosystem services in the future, once the appropriate quantification tools have been developed.

Geographic Scope

The WCE provides Credit Buyers and Developers the opportunity to improve Greater sage-grouse habitat throughout the entire state of Wyoming. The WCE will have multiple service areas for Greater sage-grouse habitat. Service areas are mapped geographic sub-regions with unique ecological or political significance where credits are tracked and able to be reported. They protect species and sub-populations by ensuring that conservation benefits are located an appropriate distance from impacts to the species. Each credit would be labeled with the service area where it was created. Distinct service areas will be defined for and used by the WCE based on variations in geography, climate, system connectivity, regulatory precedent, and population needs. Credits will be eligible to offset debits within the same service area.