A Collaborative Partnership

The idea of the Upper Green River Conservation Exchange started in the Upper Green River Basin, among landowners who were thinking about ways to be recognized financially for thestewardship of land and water resources provided by their ranch operations. Initial discussions about how to structure a conservation exchange started among area landowners, Sublette County Conservation District, the University of Wyoming, the Wyoming Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, along with input from relevant agencies and industry. This group then invited the participation of the Environmental Defense Fund, which has experience with setting up conservation exchanges in other parts of the U.S.

The long-term vision of the UGRCE is to establish a self-sustaining program in the Upper Green River Basin that will support the stewardship, restoration, and enhancement of the area’s wildlife, water and range resources through private investments.

The working group that has designed the UGRCE expects to create a formal Advisory Group and hire a pilot Exchange Administrator for the UGRCE. Throughout development of the UGRCE, the Advisory Group will engage regulatory agencies, the agricultural community, development interests, land trusts, non-profits, the scientific community, and conservation banks, to ensure their concerns and issues are taken into account.